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We suggest you enjoy these pastries immediately BUT, PLEASE ALLOW THEM ALL TO GET TO ROOM TEMPERATURE (approx 70-72*F). We know you stood in line for like an hour in the FREEZING COLD to get your box of pastries and we THANK YOU FOR IT, but it will be so so worth it if you let them gently warm up to really enjoy the flavors and textures of them all!

Our creams, fillings, jams and preserves are all made using the best ingredients from around the world and we want you to truly enjoy them the same day we make them but not ice cold.

Temperature is everything with our butter loaded goodies. Ask yourself this, "Would you eat a stick of ice cold butter?", no right, you would wait till it's at least  spreadable yes? same goes with our pastries,

TRUST US, it'll be so worth the wait 🙏🏽

In the event that you will be saving them till later, we get it, that's perfectly fine, here are a few things we suggest so you can.

 2-4 hours later? ok cool, just leave them covered in the box at room temperature, they will be fine waiting for you til then (we promise!)

  • Tomorrow?, ok this will be fine too. Refrigerate them covered. When you are ready, please allow the pastry to temper at room temperature for at least an hour before enjoying.

THANK YOU for supporting Sebastian Bakehouse and we hope to serve you again!

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