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Eating & Serving Suggestions

The main dough heads at Sebastian Bakehouse want to make sure you get the best eating experience possible by suggesting how to enjoy eating the pastries you received today.

As beautiful as it probably was this morning when you picked them up, we just want to give you a few secret pointers on how to get them as close to freshly baked/freshly made as best as we can.

So, which Pastry did you get? (select below)

Classic Butter Croissant

Za'atar, Halumi & Carrot Croissant

Bar B Que Beef Brisket & Cheddar

Roasted Tomato & Blue Cheese Croissant

Pain au Chocolat (aka: the PAC)

Pig & Fig Croissant Danish

Cardamom Morning Bun

Chocolate Halva Twice Baked Croissant

Almond TB Croissant

4 Cheese & Bacon Baton

Pain Suisse

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Aparts

Our Sweet Duo Croissants

New York Roll

the Charcuterie Board Croissant

Churro Bites

Our Filled Brioche Doughnuts

Our Deep Dish Cookies

Our Macaron Boxes