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We prepared our macarons assuming you will eat them right away, BUT in the event, you are wanting to save them for later, here are a few of our tips

  • 2-4 hours later? ok cool, just leave them covered in the box at room temperature, they will be fine waiting for you til then (we promise!)
  • Tomorrow? ok this will be fine too. Refrigerate them covered. When you are ready, please allow the box to temper at room temperature for at least 2-3 hours before enjoying it.
  • Longer? freeze the box, yes, freeze them. They will hold for at least a week frozen. When you're ready to finally have them, a day before you want them PLEASE place them in the refrigerator to gently defrost for the next 24 hours. Then follow the suggestions above. Easy peezy!

THANK YOU for supporting Sebastian Bakehouse and we hope to serve you again!

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